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December 2014

Dear Ones, I am absolutely gobsmacked that we will soon say goodbye to 2014. Howie Stone's upcoming service will ask us to reflect on the year past and dream for the year ahead, and so I will. I am grateful and proud to serve this Congregation. We are enjoying an exciting time. From the crow's nest it is visible that we are ALIVE! Our child, youth, and adult programs are growing, families and young people are discovering us, long-time members freely offer their wisdom and support, membership increases, our staff is increasingly stable and skilled, our presence in the community is growing, and our ministry to one another brings us closer. We've worked hard to build a thriving community and we continue to bask in the glow of success.  I'll speak for myself and claim some missteps and bumps and bruises in our work together. I'm well aware of the patience of the Congregation in giving me the room to experiment in the name of building a healthy Congregation. It is