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January 18, 2016

Dear Ones, This past week was challenging. We hosted most of our usual renters, our Buddhist friends, and two families that are homeless. I asked you to make sacrifices of your time, space, and usual comforts. I did wonder what it was like for you to meet in cramped spaces, have your gatherings in spaces that are not your usual spots, and what it was like to share resources. I agree that this past week wasn't the perfect week for me to agree to host families. A funny thing about the homeless -- they can't plan when they will need us. But we were there when they needed us. I wondered about other things this week too. What is it like to be homeless? What is it like not knowing where your next meal will come from? What is it like living in a classroom with a baby and feeling like you're imposing? What is it like not having a consistent space where you can gather with others of your faith? One thing that comforted me this week was knowing we were living our mission. Although th