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February 2016

The past couple of months have been busy for pastoral care. There have been a few instances in particular that caused me to pause and realize that we as a congregation sometimes have no idea what our fellow congregants might be managing, battling, or reconciling. Imagine sitting in service on Sunday and looking to your left and to your right. What are these dear people holding that we may never know about. That is, unless we ask, offer a loving supportive touch, and take interest.  We are a family with family dynamics and typical family struggles. But our struggles are sometimes hidden, unknown, and held silently from one another. It's what we do as humans.   We believe we can handle everything on our own. Our pride and ego stand in the way. Shame and the thought of being a burden creep in. What do we expect from one another? I mean our congregational relationships should be deep, connected, without judgement and holy honesty. That is the kind of place we are. A place where you c