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May 2016

Every year around this time I have an uneasy feeling. Our congregation changes as our snowbirds fly north. I have grown to anticipate this season of migration, but I don't like it. I prefer we be together. Our snowbirds offer us so much through their ministries. They support and sustain our congregation in many ways. Their return is something to look forward to. As I make my own plans to rove this summer I'm planning for our next church year. There is lots to look forward to. One thing in particular is our Intern Minister, Claudia Jiminez. Claudia will be preaching here on May 22 and will offer time for a Q & A during coffee hour. Claudia will also be meeting with our Board of Trustees in anticipation of a formal invitation to join us. I do hope your curiosity will bring you to our service on May 22. Once formally invited, Claudia  will be an additional religious professional on campus. She will be here for two years and part-time. This internship is important