I'm Proud of Us

I'm proud of us. I'm proud that we are hosting families this week. Families that are homeless. I can't help thinking, "There but for the grace of what I call God go I." People that have families and jobs but simply do not earn enough to secure housing. Imagine the relief you might feel when you and your children know where there meals are coming from and where they will sleep without needing to move for six days.

I'm proud of us. I'm proud that we are practicing what we preach when we name freedom of belief as foundational to our faith. Our Congregation has welcomed the Palm Beach Pagans with open arms and minds. Like UU's, Pagans are misunderstood and it's hard to find allies in this culture. This group has already brought so much to our Congregational life. I hope to see you at the Summer Solstice ritual and BBQ this Saturday at 3pm. I'm grateful for what we have in common and our deliberate community of free thinkers.

I'm proud of us. I've observed that we have increasingly become more concerned with fellowship, ministry to one another, and spiritual growth. This is why we gather.  Not to work out our individual needs, but to create beloved community.

I'm proud to serve our Congregation, which continues to innovate, embrace change, create opportunities to be sure our foundation remains solid and we remain relevant. I hope you are proud.

I am stepping back in a couple of weeks as I will retreat for the month of July.  We've done holy work this year and it is time for all of us to rest knowing we've earned it. Have a safe and relaxing summer.

Blessings, Rev. CJ


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