A New Year's Eve Message

Dear Ones,

Welcome to 2017!  If you're like me you're glad to put 2016 behind us. Like it or not, Donald Trump will soon be inaugurated as our next President. There will also be a "Freedom Concert" in Miami on Inauguration Day that will be televised as an anti-Trump protest. I wonder how Unitarian Universalists will manage this on January 20? Whatever you do, know that our Congregation has many ways to stay informed and become active. We know the next four years will test our progressive voices, and remember, you're not alone. 

On January 19th during our Teaching Thursday presentation Allen Maxwell will offer  WHEN THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD: SMOOTH PAVEMENT, SKID MARKS AND CRASHES? --THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN PROMISES On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, our resident and retired Professor of Political Science, Allen Maxwell will present his thoughts and ask you to join him in speculating about whether or not, “It could happen here.”

Our Justice Action Ministry will be offering us opportunities to become more active on issues of race, deportation, and activism. Do check the calendar and participate. Our Congregation will be voting on whether we will engage these issues. 

Our liberal religious voices will become more important and necessary during this Presidency. Please engage all that the Congregation has to offer.

Ministry to one another will be equally important on this journey. We will surely be challenged, confused, and crestfallen. May we use our voices and values on behalf of a broken and divided country and each other. 

May 2017 bring you joy. 

Blessings, Rev. CJ


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