From the SAC Newsletter, April 2015

I'm deeply disturbed by the blinders that are put on to avoid the realities of social and environmental issues of our state and country. Poverty, lack of health care and emergency services, sea levels rising, Christian fundamentalism controlling taxpayer dollars, women's health put at risk, low wages, no work, the super wealthy getting fatter, and on and on.

Surely our leaders don't really think that poor mothers simply need to pull their lives together, a child is better left in the system instead of being loved by same-gendered parents, to receive public benefits you need to sacrifice privacy, that the world's top scientists are simply stupid and histrionic, that poor communities create and perpetuate their circumstances, and religion and government are bedfellows. Surely stripped down to basic humanness they see and feel and mourn and weep.

I wonder. I believe basic humanness, the fact that you are born into the world, gives us all worth. However, when we decide to be blind to pain, suffering, impending disaster and injustice, our personal equity decreases. We are no longer maintaining or building value.

I'm struggling today to understand the gross lack of morality, ethics, and decency. It is becoming clearer that if our cries fall on those ears, we are spinning our wheels. An adaptive response can only change an adaptive challenge. To adapt, feelings, values, and behaviors need to change. The fundamental adaptive challenge for us is to change our response to this terrible numb and unaware leadership. Hold them accountable. Publicly question them. Publicly write about them. Write to them. Visit them. Oppose them at every turn. Support and vote for a better them.

Our time and resources are best spent by removing these despicable human walls. Show up. Reach out. Use your voice. The alternative is not an option for those of us building a world we dream of.

Blessings, CJ


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