August 2016

I'm presently in the Adirondacks winding up my time here preparing for my return to Florida.  I always get what some might call the "church itch" this time of year. That is, I am eager and ready to return to congregational life.

As your minister I have the privilege of having a birds eye view of congregational life and the year ahead of us. I'm excited by the opportunities that some of our present challenges will bring. Claudia, our Intern Minister joins us this month. Watch your newsletter for Claudia's schedule week to week. We have a hand in Claudia's formation as she moves toward ordination as a Unitarian Universalist minister. I already know that we will be blessed by her presence here.

Our board and committees have a lot in store for us. We will go deeper in racial justice, we will have a new website, membership will have a new focus with "200 by 2020" as their guide, there will be a concert series with many local musicians, our focus on financial sustainability will be laser sharp, your voice and ideas will be honored like never before, and our visibility in our area will increase. The total sum being revitalization.

Claudia and I will offer sermons this fall that will offer some comfort and inspiration as to how to live our Unitarian Universalist values and principles in what promises to be a difficult social and political time. Claudia begins with her sermon on hope and humility and I will offer a sermon on how to live and understand our UU faith amid troubling times. I am returning to the office on August 7th, we will welcome Claudia the weekend of August 21st when she will be preaching, and I will return to our pulpit on August 28th. I am glad to be among you once again.

Blessings, Rev. CJ


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